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Saul, who turned four in July, has been described as spunky, fun and motivated to be independent as possible. This is in spite of orthopedic limitations in his upper extremities due to arthrogryposis. Jennifer Lawson, Saul’s former OT and THERAPY 2000 Staff Development Coordinator, witnessed first hand the tremendous progress Saul achieved over the past year. He learned to feed himself with adapted utensils and learned to brush his teeth using a long handled vibrating toothbrush. Saul accomplished these feats despite the significant orthopedic limitations in his hand and wrist movement. Despite this amazing progress, Saul was still unable to bring a cup to his mouth or stabilize a cup to drink from a straw. These activities still required assistance from a family member.

Saul was in need of a Universal Flex Arm, a product that can attach to many different surfaces and can hold a variety items. The Universal Flex Arm would allow Saul more independence in feeding himself and drinking from a cup with a straw. It addition, it would give his mother an extra hand for all of the other things she does, and allow Saul to enjoy fun activities such as painting or playing with toys and with his sister, Andrea.

Unfortunately, Medicaid would not cover this expensive piece of equipment and his family did not currently have the means to acquire it. So Jennifer sought assistance from Chari-T2000. The request was approved and THERAPY 2000 was proud to provide Saul with a Universal Flex Arm last summer. Now Saul can enjoy all these activities in addition to more independence. Today Saul has even more to smile about and is putting his new appendage to good use! Good luck Saul!

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