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Ashton’s mom, Elizabeth, is so excited that he has started using some spoken and picture words. Ashton is eight and has autism. His family has waited a long time for him to reach this milestone. Elizabeth makes sure he takes his PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) notebook to restaurants and she makes schedules and activity strips. It wasn’t hard to see her passion for helping Ashton, and she struck me as the perfect candidate for attending a 2-day PECS training course because she wanted to do even more between our sessions. I approached Chari-T2000 who agreed that it would be worthwhile to pay for her PECS training. Elizabeth was very excited to attend the course and came back even more enthusiastic about implementing Ashton’s PECS and involving the whole family. Having observed many sessions with THERAPY 2000, Ashton’s sister thinks she might want to be a therapist when she grows up (Thank you for recruiting this future therapist Mary Burger, OTR!). After the PECS class, Ashton’s mom said, “It’s opened my mind into his world.” She feels she can now help him become even more independent as we collaborate on his program.

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